Hello 2019

I’m backkkk! After a long break from blogging I’ve finally got myself organised and I can’t wait to start writing my little blog again!

I can’t believe it is now 2019 (well now it’s February!!) 2018 went soo quick, it feels like every year goes quicker!

At the end of December every year I feel like I am still in the same place I was the year before and nothing has changed, but when I decided to write this post I thought about all the things I have done in 2018 and it made me realise how much I have achieved!

Looking back at the year is a really good way to prepare for next year, you can see what you have achieved and how you can progress into the following year.

I thought I would put together my top 10 highlights of 2018..

  1. Me & Dings going to our first show
  2. Qualifying for the Elementary gold regionals
  3. Employing my 1st employee at Jessica Fox Equine.
  4. I had my dream Childeric saddle made
  5. We had the best summer weather
  6. Getting Jessica Fox Equine Services banners made and put up at my local show ground
  7. Starting this blog & my Instagram page
  8. Getting to 500 followers on my Facebook page & doing our first giveaway!
  9. Bought a new car
  10. Expanding my business and meeting lots of lovely new animals!

When a new year starts I always seem to set myself the same old resolutions “give up chocolate” or “go to the gym more”, but I always know I’m never going to stick to them (especially the chocolate one!)

This year I’m thinking to set myself new year goals rather than resolutions so things I would like to achieve during the year.

So here goes…

  1. Buy my own horse box
  2. Employ more staff for Jessica Fox Equine
  3. Grow & expand Jessica Fox Equine, we have exciting things in the pipeline!
  4. Qualify for the Medium and Advanced Medium regionals
  5. Buy a dog (need to convince my mum first!)

Have you got any new year resolutions or goals for 2019?

Jessica Fox


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