Our First Show!


Sooooo… on Friday 18th May me and Dings competed in our first show at Brook Farm TC! Dings and I train with Tracy Wright & Char Lasseter, and as Dings is a lot more experienced than me, he has been teaching me all the tricks in the book!

For a while now everyone had been saying to me when’s your first show? When are you going out to a party? And I won’t lie, I had been putting it off because I was sooooo nervous to go straight into competing at Elementary as I had only ever competed at Prelim with my last horse! I finally plucked up the courage (and with a little push from Tracy) we booked our first show.

Bright and early Friday morning Dings had a pamper session so he looked all lovely and handsome, and my friend Mollie (who is a plaiting queen) came to plait him up! I was lucky that I had my lovely trainer and councilor (haha) Tracy Wright with me, she kept me calm and if it wasn’t for her I definitely wouldn’t have gone!

Dings was as good as gold!! He didn’t put one foot wrong the whole day he was an absolute angel, I felt like he really looked after me and loved every minute of being back out partying! Even one of the judges wrote on our test sheet that he seemed happy to be out which really made me smile.

We rode in the Elementary gold section, and our results were 67.07% in Ele 43 and 64.71% in Ele 54*. I am over the moon with our results considering it’s our first show, Dings hadn’t been out in over a year, and I was a nervous wreck!


This is just the beginning for us and I’m so excited for our future together!

Jessica Fox


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