Every Horse Owner Can Relate To This

I love reading posts where I say to myself “omg thats so me or I do that too”. This is going to be one of those posts (i hope)!

I can guarantee that if you’re a horse owner or a horsey person you can relate to these points,

  • You prefer animals (especially horses) to most people
  • You own more riding clothes than going out clothes
  • You car looks like a stable & smells like horse (I really hope it isn’t just mine that does)
  • Having to squeeze as much feed and bedding into your two-door car and still being able to drive
  • You spend 90% of your life in jodhpurs (10% sleeping)
  • You can justify spending £100’s on your horse but that new dress that’s £80 is too expensive
  • Your horses bed has to be perfect yet you struggle to even make your own in the morning
  • You get up at 4am on a weekend when most of your friends are just getting in from a night out
  • Is there any point in even going to a show if you don’t get cheesy chips?!
  • All your “nice” clothes end up being yard clothes (R.i.p to my ugg boots)
  • Your lunches are always in a country pub or a saddlery cafe (its acceptable to go in there in horse clothes)
This is why I need a truck!

There’s so many more but these ones relate to me soo well!

Are there any that you can think of? Let me know!

Jessica Fox


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