10 Reasons I Can’t Wait For Summer!


Any horse owner must dread the winter, I know I definitely do!

Especially being a groom and having to work outside in all weathers; rain, snow, wind, hurricanes! I’m out in it. Even when we had that snow blizzard this year all my friends ask me, “Are you still going to work?!” But unfortunately the horses cannot make their own feed or let themselves out to the field (unless they’re really clever) so the show must go on!

I thought I would put together the top 10 reasons why I cannot wait for summer..

  1. Being able to not leave home and get home from work in the dark
  2. Not having to squelch through muddy fields to bring horses in (nearly loosing my boots and their shoes in the process)
  3. The everyday battle with a frozen tap
  4. Not having to wear 100’s layers and thermals to keep warm, then becoming increasingly hot after running around and having to take them all off!
  5. Being able to ride in the sun is soooooo much more fun and motivating than in the rain and wind
  6. Being able to have a naked horse (he looks so much cuter naked)
  7. Having chilblains is NOT fun
  8. Not getting covered in mud when the horse flicks it at you when galloping towards you desperate to come in, or even worse, when he gallops away from you…
  9. Getting a tan (even if you end up with funny tan lines)
  10. There’s nothing better than hacking in the sun!

Hopefully we haven’t got long to wait until the weather starts getting warmer… well you never know with England!

Jessica Fox


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