A Day in the Life

I often get asked “What do you do at work?”. The truth is every day is different, I have yards that I do more regularly but I also have a variety of holiday cover, dog walking etc.

I thought I would do a post of what I got up to over a weekend! I had one of my crazy friends, Jess, volunteer to come to work with me (which involved getting up at 4am) and follow me around taking notes and pictures of what I did, as well as sweeping and emptying wheelbarrows, haha.

So here goes..

Saturday 10th March 

7am – The first yard of the day! Turned out Jonesy & Wallet who are the easiest horses to turn out, I literally open their stable doors and they take themselves to the field! Mucked out, made haynets and feeds, then fed the ducks, geese and cats!

7.45am –  Next yard, turned out Sam and Dolly, mucked out and made haynets and feeds.

9am – Got to my yard to see Dings! Mucked him out and got his haynets and feeds ready.

10am – Had to pop to Ingatestone Saddlery to buy Dings’ bedding, and of course stopped off to have some breakfast!

11.30am – Back to the yard, groomed Dings, tacked up and rode for an hour (we did some pole work) then washed him off, cleaned tack and got Jess to help put the poles away!

2pm – I was house sitting 4 dogs this weekend; Buddy, Vinnie, Baxter and Teddy, so we took them for a long walk and then had to hose them down as they were veryyy muddy.

3.30pm – Onto my next yard where I was looking after Cisco, who unfortunately is on box-rest so couldn’t go out to play in the field this weekend. I hand walked him for 30 minutes, bandaged his leg, mucked out and hayed and fed him for the night!

4.30pm – Brought Queenie in from the field, picked out her feet and gave her her dinner.

5pm – Brought in Sam and dolly from the field, hosed down their legs, picked out their feet and gave them their dinner.

6pm- Back to Dings to finish him, Roobarb, BB, Pip, Monty and Kali off, then gave everyone their dinner and locked up for the night!

7pm – Back to Jonesy and Wallet to let them in and feed the cats.

Then the day was done and I enjoyed a Thai takeaway Jess and I had an early night ready for my veryy early start the next morning!

Turning out Sam & Dolly!

Sunday 11th March 

4.15am – Turned out Jonesy & Wallet, luckily the temperature wasn’t too cold that morning so they were able to go out early! Fed the cats who thought it was still the middle of the night!

4.30am – Got to Cisco, fed all the horses their breakfast. Checked Cisco’s leg, took of the bandage, hand walked him, then mucked him out.

5.30am – Got to Dings, mucked him out and made his feeds and haynets.

6.30am – Me & Dings had our lesson with Char Lassetter (which there will be a post about soon)!!

8am – Turned out Sam and Dolly, mucked out and made haynets and feeds.

9.30am – Back to Jonesy & Wallet to muck out and get their hay and feeds ready, then fed the rest of the gang who were now up!

10.15am – Mucked out Adonis & Bailey, they had already been turned out earlier.

11.30am – Got Queenie’s stable ready for her to come in that evening.

12pm – Back to Cisco to check his leg, skip out and hand walk him for another 30 minutes.

1.30pm – As it was Mothers day I needed to squeeze in a lunch with my mum. We met at the Blackmore Tea Rooms for afternoon tea!

3.30pm – Brought in Dolly & Sam from the field, hosed down their legs and picked out their feet.

4.30pm – Back to my yard to finish off Dings, Roobarb and BB.

5.30pm – Brought in Jonesy & Wallet from the field and fed the cats.

Cisco & his poorly leg!

This was a crazy busy weekend for me and by 7pm I was falling asleep! Luckily not every weekend is like that!

Please let me know if you like finding out what I get up during the weekend at work and I can do these posts more often!

Jessica Fox


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