The Beginning of a New Adventure


This is my first post on my own little blog! Can you tell i’m excited? Haha. I love reading equestrian/country blogs and they have given me so much inspiration I finally decided to take the plunge write my own!

This first post is just going to be a little bit about me..

Well.. I’m Jessica Fox, I am 24 years old and live in Essex. I run my own business called Jessica Fox Equine Services where I offer equine and hound care.  You can find out about my business on the Equine Services  page!

So I had my first horse bought for me by my parents for my 17th birthday, a lovely big Dutch Warmblood called Blue. Blue was only 4 years old and as I had only ever loaned horses for a couple of days a week (which is nothing like owning your own!) we learnt everything together. He taught me everything I know – how to ride, how to cling on for dear life and a quick guide to becoming a vet! Unfortunately when Blue was only 7 years old he became intermittently lame and after numerous investigations and treatment at the Animal Health Trust and the Newmarket Equine Hospital I had to make the heartbreaking decision to end his pain.


After having just over a year of looking after everyone else’s four legged friends and not my own, I then had the amazing opportunity given to me to buy a big ginger dressage horse! Dings, who’s posh name is Kermo Dinaro Star, is a 14 year old Danish Warmblood previously owned by Tracy Wright. I have worked for Tracy for nearly 6 years now and had the pleasure of looking after Dings and her two other horses for this time. Tracy bought him as a 3 year old and they danced their way up to Inter 1 before she bought her youngster, Beat Box. I had been having lessons on Dings with both Tracy and Char Lasseter and we managed to convince my mum and dad he was a brilliant purchase! As he is a lot more experienced than me, he is teaching me the ropes and our aim is to start competing at Elementary in April (I am so excited!!).


I am planning to document our journey on my blog, so keep a look out for the updates!

Jessica Fox


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